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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "Roronoa Zolo: The Pirate Hunter" Edit List
(Original title: "The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro")

1) 4Kids adds a recap (this will be a recurring edit).

2) When Koby is explaining to Luffy how dangerous Zoro is, in the sub, he slashes at a shadowed opponent, who falls to the ground. In the dub, all you see is the slash, then it cuts to the pan of Zoro.

3) Marine is Navy again (recurring edit).

4) In the dub there's a cut where Luffy runs down the fence in order to get a better view of Zoro.

5) Zoro's post is edited to look like less of a cross again.

6) Rika's onigiri are changed to cookies (yet, every other time onigiri will show up on this show, 4Kids will keep it as onigiri).

7) There's a shot of Helmeppo's sheet displaying Morgan's decree that gets cut out in the dub. Easier than blanking the page, I guess.

8) Helmeppo's wolf isn't given a name in the dub (it's called Inugata in the original). Speaking of names, Helmeppo's name isn't mentioned in the dub, either. He's only called "Captain Morgan's son."

9) When Zoro holds his sword to Helmeppo's face, it's shortened in the dub so it's not as close.

10) Helmeppo's wine is edited into orange juice (Nami's drink isn't altered, though, oddly).

11) A bruise on Helmeppo's face is painted away after Luffy punches him.

12) Morgan's cigar is painted out.

13) Zoro's first flashbacks to Kuina are shortened.

14) The Marines' guns are edited to look like super soakers.