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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "The Better Swordsman" Edit List (Original title: "Hawk-Eyes Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro Falls into the Sea!")

1) Yosaku's cigarette is erased in the flashback with Nami.

2) The sound effect of Zoro's heart beating when he recognizes Mihawk is removed.

3) Mihawk's sword is digitally edited to make it look like less of a cross.

4) Similarly, Mihawk's necklace is also edited from a cross into just a rectangle.

5) Sanji's cigarette is painted out. I wouldn't normally make a note of this, except here it's removed entirely, as opposed to just being made into a lollipop.

6) Some dialogue between the cooks and Zeff is cut, where Zeff points out that "his weapon is on his back." (referring to his sword)

7) Random Krieg underling has his guns painted purple.

8) "I got five berries on Frenchie!" A line from Patty. France doesn't exist in One Piece, lolz

9) "Do you realize you are but a minnow in a vast ocean?" Mihawk didn't originally talk during this scene.

10) Some of the flashback with Kuina is cut, including Kuina holding her chest, and various other snippets.

11) ...and to compensate for the above cut, 4Kids added some extra footage from the episode itself.

12) A clip of Kuina's funeral is cut.

13) Three shots of Zoro's sensei are all cut out.

14) "Or is that the best you've got?" was added where there was silence. Also, the heart-beating sound effect is removed again.

15) A black-and-white pan of Luffy, with him saying "That's great! The world's greatest swordsman, eh? If you're not that, then I'm in a dilemma!"

16) A black-and-white shot of blood dripping from Zoro's stab wound, as the scene transitions into color, and then a far-away shot of Mihawk stabbing Zoro in the chest.

17) Blood trickling from Zoro's mouth and nose is painted away.

18) This exchange between Zoro and Mihawk, respectively: "That is why I can not step away." "Even if it means death?"

19) Mihawk taking his knife out of Zoro's chest is cut.

20) Zoro's chest wound is painted into just a tear in his shirt.

21) The massive blood splatter after Mihawk cuts through Zoro is erased.

22) As is the second massive blood splatter after Mihawk slashes his chest.

23) Some bloody shots of Zoro's hand, and him being cut, are... cut.

24) Blood flying across Mihawk's face is erased.

25) Zoro falling into the ocean with blood spilling out, and Ussop and Johnny/Yosaku crying Zoro's name are cut.

26) A shot of Luffy shaking his groove thang while trying to squeeze out of the (now ruined) ship deck is cut.

27) Some scratches and bruises are painted off of Zoro's face.

28) More scratches are erased, this time off of Luffy's face. Note that they're not erased in any other shot before this.

29) Random letters are erased off of a random underling's shirt. Because random letters are the devil.

30) Krieg's guns get painted green.

31) The word "Baby" is erased off of a guy's headband.

32) An overhead shot of Don Krieg's wrecked up ship is cut.

33) "Billy Wood" is erased off of a guy's shirt.

34) A still frame of Luffy, with his voice asking "Old man, if I beat this guy, will we call it even?" and the To Be Continued frame, with Zeff saying "Do as you wish."