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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "Off the Hook" Edit List (Original title: "The Miracle Sprint! Alabaster Animal Land")

1) In spite of the fact that on the last piece of One Piece, Crocodile had held up Luffy upside down, he's now holding him by the neck. If you recall, Crocodile originally impaled Luffy.

2) A shot of Luffy being held by Crocodile, bloodied and impaled like, with water dripping from him is cut.

3) A rather painful look at Luffy's face is cut.

4) Luffy's upside down again? A shot of Crocodile's arm holding Luffy is flipped upside down.

5) Crocodile's cigar is edited out. Pretty badly, too.

6) Of course, the blood is painted off of Luffy.

7) A shot of the desert, Scissors trailing across it, and Zoro lifting his sword like a weight all cut.

8) Sanji taking out his cigarette and blowing smoke, while telling Nami that Zoro needs to keep up with his training.

9) The transitions between the various images of the Strawhats are cut - there would be a flashback before showing each one.

10) Yellow marks indicating that Usopp is yelling are cut from a faraway view of Scissors in the water.

11) In the English version, the Straw Hats have to cross 10 miles across Sandora. In the Japanese version, it's 50 kilometers, or roughly 31 miles.

12) More yellow marks, this time from Scissors when Chopper is waving goodbye.

13) A flashback of Crocodile telling Luffy that Yuba will die, with, in the present, a shot of Luffy inhaling, is cut.

14) Pell gets cleaned up, too.

15) On the map shown between Nanohana and Alubarna, arrows indicating "The Rebel Army" and "The Royal Army" are erased.

16) On-screen text saying "Capital City, Alubarna" is erased.

17) Cobra gets cleaned up, and the ropes around his teeth are edited out.

18) The narrator explains the various situations the characters are in at the end of the episode. Most of the dialogue that isn't cut is given to Cobra's thoughts.

19) In the wrap up, the Straw Hats are cut, as well as a four-way split-screen of the various characters and a map showing them intersecting.

20) On-screen text saying "Port City, Nanohana" when it shows Igaram is erased.