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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "Pirate Vivi?" Edit List
(Original title: "Everything Began That Day! Vivi Tells of Her Adventures")

1) The episode title is placed over the image of Vivi's Jolly Roger in the dub, it was over a black screen originally.

2) Vivi's gun in Igaram's nightmare is painted green.

3) The word "Hina" is erased off of Hina's sail.

4) Hina's cigarette is erased.

5) In the Japanese version, Hina has a tendency to talk in third person whenever she becomes irritated.

6) An image of Vivi's mother flashes by before Cobra walks into Vivi's dressing room, this is cut.

7) A word is erased off of Bon Kurei's ship, but I couldn't make it out.

8) Luffy shouting at the Marines to get out of their way is cut.

9) The transponder snail phone had the word "Arabasta" on it, this is painted off.

10) Vivi's speech is altered. She takes a more poetic approach in the original, comparing her voyage to a ship in the ocean, while in the dub, she simply describes how she's met friends along the way.

11) A shot of Cobra sipping tea, listening to Vivi's speech, is cut.

12) During Vivi's story, there's a scene taken from the seventh ending that's cut, where Vivi is standing in the desert, and sees Luffy and the crew looking back and smiling at her, and she walks towards them.

13) A pan over of a shocked crowd before it's revealed that Igaram is posing as Vivi is cut.

14) A still image-type flashback where Luffy suggests using an X for their secret sign, and Zoro telling him to just draw the symbols, is cut.

15) Sanji tightening his bandage in the flashback is cut.

16) Vivi breaking down, and watching the Going Merry leave is cut.

17) A quick flashback of Vivi smiling with her arm bandaged is cut.

18) In the Japanese version, We Are started playing at the end of the episode. In the dub it's replaced by Hiriluk's theme. Which is cool anyway.

19) One final shot is cut of Vivi crying and smiling, and Luffy yelling "SET SAIL!!!" and the To Be Continued screen.