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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "Stowaway" Edit List
(Original title: "Beware Her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin!")

1) Some Japanese text is erased off of the side of Hina's ship.

2) Hina's cigarette is erased like last episode.

3) "Marine" is erased off of the Den Den Mushi/Transponder Snail Phone, as opposed to having "Navy" written on it.

4) In the original, starting from Cobra's speech, the first ending theme, Memories started being played. In the dub, of course, it's all instrumental bgm.

5) During Cobra's speech, the scene went to Chaka standing over Pell's grave, mourning his loss. There were also some random scenes of the Marines firing at the straw hats, and Vivi watching on. There was also a bit with the crowd laughing at a small joke Cobra made about not being called "papa" anymore... this is moved to later on.

6) After Toto orders the rest of the Yuba villagers to start digging wells, there were some scenes of the group of false rebels trying to get some children's lunches back from a flock of birds, and the Sand Pirates finding the birds drunk on their ship.

7) The scene with Pell at the doctor's office is moved up earlier for some reason. In fact, the scene with the villagers, Pell, and the Kung-Fu Jugons are all swapped around. In the JP version, first are the Jugons, the villagers, and then Pell. In the dub, it's Pell, the villagers, and Jugons.

8) The cross on Pell's doctor's head is erased.

9) Pincers/Scissors fighting off some sand lizards is cut.

10) In the dub, all we see is the shot of Rain Dinners from the front, with the villagers wondering what will happen to it now that Crocodile is gone... until...

11) The word CASINO is written off of Rain Dinners, again.

12) In the dub there's a lame dialog exchange between some villagers about making Rain Dinners a theme park and a Crocodile roller coaster or something.

13) ...and after the scene with Eyelash, the dub shows the back shot of Rain Dinners with the villagers talking about re-constructing Alabaster.

14) Cobra speaking and the audience laughing, from #5, is placed after the back shot of Rain Dinners.

15) I guess to compensate for the lack of Memories, we get a 4Kids crafted music video with the song "You Can't Turn the Tide."

16) Sanji and Chopper rowing is cut.

17) "SMOKER" is erased off of Smoker's ship sail, in addition to Marine being changed to Navy.

18) Ever present wanted poster edits (Marine, Zoro, Dead or Alive).

19) In the JP, Luffy's insult towards Zoro was "santoryuu," to which Usopp points out that it's not an insult. Luffy says "hontoryuu" (four swords) and Usopp complains "you only added one!" In the dub Luffy calls Zolo "Zolo-brain," and Usopp says that calling him his own name isn't an insult. Luffy calls him an "Usopp-brain" and Usopp remarks "Try Luffy-brain!"

20) Robin's cleavage is edited in some shots, but not in others.

21) Blood is erased off of Luffy, Robin, and Cobra in the flashback in the crypts.

22) A flashback to Robin translating the Poneglyph, and Crocodile slicing her back is cut.

23) A cash register sound effect is removed when Robin pulls out her sack of Crocodile's jewels.

24) Pell standing over his own grave is cut from the end of the episode.