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[ Because the public ought to know what they're missing ]


One Piece "Legend of the Pirate Hunter" Edit List
(Original title: "Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Samurai, Zoro")

1) In the dub, the episode is told from what Nami was told by Johnny and Yosaku. In the original, it's just Zoro having a dream/recollection. To further 4Kids' new explanation, some clips from 130 are added to the beginning of the episode.

2) "W.Brothers" is written off of a sign outside of the tavern Johnny and Yosaku are in.

3) Some bottles are erased off of the table Billy is sitting at.

4) When the camera shows the younger Johnny and Yosaku, there was some Japanese text indicating who they are. This is erased in the dub.

5) A Japanese character is erased off of Johnny's coat, as well as his shirt. I guess it's okay if it's on your face?

6) A blood spurt is erased after Zoro slashes at Billy. He gets his face cleaned up afterwards, too.

7) "W B R O" is erased off of the tavern again, this time on the upper story, as is a set of Japanese text from a building above Johnny and Yosaku.

8) Usual wanted poster nonsense (Dead or Alive and Marines - at least 4Kids finally got consistent about changing "Marine" to "Navy" on the posters, too).

9) Wicked Dick... lol

10) "CORRAL" is erased off of a sign.

11) That guy sure likes talking about cats.

12) Harry shown being hit by Dick is cut, and to compensate, 4Kids moved a clip of Johnny up (it was originally shown after Harry had been hit a second time). Also, Yosaku telling Johnny not to get involved after he says that is cut.

13) A shot of Dick pounding his foot into Harry is cut.

14) A repeat of Dick staring down Johnny and Yosaku is cut, because of how the 4Kids commercial breaks are placed.

15) The word "sweat" is erased off of the swordsmith's bandana.

16) During Zoro's flashback (a flashback in a flashback?), the scene in his master's dojo where he vows to become the greatest swordsman is cut.

17) Some blood splatter is erased when Dick pummels Johnny and Yosaku, and they get cleaned up a bit afterward, too.

18) A clip of Dick's bandits about to finish off Johnny and Yosaku is repeated after a commercial break.

19) "V" is erased off of Robin's book (even though "The Rainbow Mist" is kept on there).

20) Blood and blood splatter is erased off of Dick.

21) The original ending was Johnny and Yosaku jumping up in the air yelling "ANIKI!!!" (Japanese for brother/sister, as they refer to Zoro as "Zoro-aniki" or "Brother Zoro")